Nochaltzingo = "Our dear little house"

One of the great needs of every human being is to have a space to live in; The ideal is to acquire a home of our own that meets our needs and those of the family. Some of us have also had the opportunity to make this house to our liking, instead of buying something already made; Very few of us have also been able to put “our personal stamp” on our house and really only a few privileged ones have managed to build this dream in a masterful way.

This is my experience with the Architect Ana Delia López Rodríguez, a professional, sensitive, intelligent and committed woman who greatly enjoys her work of making her clients' dreams come true; but not only that, but also to support and guide them in the decisions that make this dream shine with intensity with a touch of aesthetics and good taste.
Ana Delia knows how to listen, she knows how to interpret, she knows how to understand our wishes in an extraordinary way and turn that: “I would like a space…” into a concrete proposal; where one says: "yes ... of course, I want to live there."

It is a kind of alchemy forged from experience, from their sensitivity, from the deep knowledge of materials, spaces, perspective, and innovation that makes that “eureka” project emerge, in which one can say: "It is much better than what I had dreamed of."

Ana Delia and a highly specialized team of teachers, bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, stonemasons, designers, clerks, etc. perfectly coordinated make possible this magic of turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

Moira and Silverio Gomez

“We were living in Florida at the time we decided to build our home. We interviewed a few architects, and Ana Delia gave us a good sense that she was reliable and could work long distance. When we were in San Miguel, she took us to some houses that she built, and we liked the way she designed them. We also liked her personally, and therefore, thought we could get along really well. I liked the fact that she was not a saleswoman (Moira). 

“The project was an easy, collaborative process. Every time we wanted something done, she gave us an honest opinion whether it could be done or not. She was always willing to comply. We sent her pictures of things that we wanted, and she would send us progress pictures. This was our second build in Mexico, and the experience was 180 degrees from the other one. We had a very good relationship with Ana Delia. She finished the project on time and on budget. The house is just beautiful.

“When an issue would come up, Ana Delia would contemplate it, and we would discuss it. She always handled it in a very nice way. For example, when she used the wrong tile, it was no problem. No arguments. She just stripped it. 

“When we built our other house, the architect lied to us. It was a continuous fight. With Ana Delia, it was never the case. It was a pleasure working with her. She is a jewel in the field that is hard to find. 

“We got good value for our project—the materials, the finishes, and the workmanship. Everything was done well. All the workers, including the foreman and the contractors, had a lot of pride in their work. Any mistake was fixed right away. There was high quality to the last detail. We especially love the boveda ceilings and the staircase railing. They are absolutely amazing. 

“We would absolutely recommend Ana Delia to our friends. Even though her one-year warranty has expired, she still comes to fix any issues that might arise.”

Kiko Rodriguez and Ron Lenox 

“After we bought our house, we looked for an architect online. We ended up emailing three. Ana Delia responded in 10 minutes on a weekend. We liked that! She took us to three houses, and we spoke with two out of three owners. (She left us alone with them.) They loved her!

“We had an idea what we wanted, and Ana Delia listened. Our style is Mexican modern, and her taste was similar to ours. She was never pushy, and she never said ‘no.’ Ana Delia said, ‘Yes, we can do everything.’ 

“Our existing floor plan did not work. We wanted to open it up and move the location of the front entry.  We had an idea of what we wanted, but Ana Delia knew what to do. She brought her assistant to our home, and he walked around with his computer and changed things on the fly. We trusted Ana Delia’s taste, and the result was beyond our expectations. 

“We loved working with Ana Delia. She is very particular, like a drill sergeant. And, she is always available and always returns calls. You never get the feeling that she has other clients. When she walks around town, she says hello to people; they’re often former clients. She has a great personality. Our relationship went from business to friendship. 

“Ana Delia’s workers were great. There were close to 20 people here a day. We really liked Poncho, her maestro. There were no big issues with the project, but when something did come up, Ana Delia gave us alternatives. She made it work. Everything was fixable. If something was done wrong, she just demolished it and redid it.

“We would absolutely recommend Ana Delia to our friends. She has been honest from day one, and the quality of the work all around, you just can’t beat it. The project was on budget and on time! After the project was completed, Ana Delia took care of re-tweaks right away.”

Dave and Jan Strunk 

“We were planning to renovate the house we had just purchased.  Some friends recommended Ana Delia, who had just completed a large project for them.

“Although ours was a renovation rather than new construction, Ana was willing to work 
with us.  The renovation was completed on time and on budget.

“When we met with Ana, we expressed our desire for a traditional style with Mexican influence.  We had several ideas already in mind, and Ana incorporated them beautifully.

“She was very professional as well as pleasant, discussing ideas and options with us. We trusted her judgment on how to achieve the finished project. The renovation included removal of some windows, relocation and redesign of fireplaces, addition of large solid wood beams, master bath reconfiguration, and more.

“Ana is especially good at communicating in a timely manner.  Her work crews were 
all very pleasant and on site when she said they would be.

“We are happy to recommend Ana to others.”

Suzanne Bacon 
“Ana Delia was recommended by a friend, whose home she built. My project was an extensive renovation of the first and second floors of my three-story home. Before I signed on with Ana Delia, she took me around to see her projects. It was evident by what she chose for her own home and other places that our tastes and aesthetics were aligned. We also walked around my house, and I was very pleased with the ideas she had that I hadn’t thought of. I am an interior designer, and I thought it would be important to work with someone who had tastes similar to my own. 
“The design process worked beautifully. After the tours, Ana Delia provided an initial floor plan, and we used pictures to communicate what I wanted. She ended up doing a few elevations before we finalized the plan. 
“The first floor of my home was originally very dark and chopped up. Ana Delia transformed it with a new kitchen, a new bath, and a new fireplace. The kitchen is charming. She moved it to the other side of the house to an area that used to be a storage room. It features a celosia, a carved stone piece in the wall depicting an animal with two angels. She also leveled the floor in the living room and put in two window-arch metal doors, which brought in a lot of light, transforming the entire space. Ana Delia also renovated part of my second floor, which included a second fireplace. Specifications were merely photos of fireplaces I liked and both were just perfect, proportionate to the rooms and exactly like the photos. 
“The project began in mid-July, and it was completed the following January. I was in San Miguel twice during construction, in mid-September and late October. We always made the best use of our time. Ana Delia took me to tile places, hardware stores, and stonemasons. She knew where to go; she had a process in place.  By knowing what I like, she targeted my choices, and decisions were easy.” 

Tom Hall and George Xillas 

“We interviewed Ana Delia and a number of other people, and we liked her ideas. There was good chemistry from the start, and her cost was in line with what we wanted to spend. What she quoted is what we paid. We made some changes, but she stuck to the budget.

“After completion of a project, some builders disappear, wash their hands. We really liked her attitude. She likes to keep her clients happy. She was always right there to take care of anything. We didn’t really have that many problems, but when we did, Ana Delia came up with a solution that was amenable to us.

“George worked closely with Ana Delia on the design, and they went back and forth to fine tune it. Some people have big egos. Ana Delia does not. She was wonderful. She took us to Queretero and Celaya for hardware and other items. In fact, she took us all over the place. We really liked that. 

“Ana Delia has a great cabinet guy. He did all the built-in carpentry in the bedrooms, including a platform bed with drawers underneath and a headboard. We also have an office area with built-ins for computers and clothing. We are very happy with how the work was done. The work in the kitchen was the same, high-quality design. 

“We have recommended Ana Delia to our friends. We are one of her best advocates. She probably showed our house 40 times. We talked with her about doing a project in the near future, another balcony.”

Barbara and Lanny Fields

“We met Ana Delia at the recommendation of our real estate agent while looking to purchase a home that needed substantial renovation. During that initial meeting, Ana Delia listened very intently to our wishes and concerns, and also provided very valuable suggestions. Three days later, she presented us with an item-by-item cost estimate that was substantially lower than our expectations, with a written commitment to stay within budget. Although we did not buy that house, we kept Ana in mind.

“A few months later, we purchased land in Colonia San Antonio in San Miguel de Allende and decided to build a house there. We contacted Ana, who invited us to see three houses that she designed and built; all were quite large and each was very different in design, but they all gave us a good idea of the quality of her work and of designs and finishes. We then started the design process, which began with Ana Delia asking us questions about how we wanted to live. 

“We told her that we wanted to live on one floor so we could age in place. All doorways had to be large enough to accommodate wheelchairs, if needed, and we also told her what types of rooms we wanted and their approximate sizes, and also which rooms were to open to each other and to corridors and gardens. 

“Ana Delia never imposed her views or style on us; rather, she would give her opinion about all of these details and suggest better or more interesting ways of achieving our goals. She then presented us with a brilliant design that reflected a melding of modernity and traditional Mexican design. After many discussions, we came to positive agreement. Once again, during this process she listened better than 95 percent of the people we have known.

“When we got the estimate, we were very impressed with its thoroughness and its cost, which we thought would be twice as high. And, when we asked about possible cost overruns, once again, Ana Delia said, ‘I assume all cost overruns unless we make significant changes in the proposal.’ What impressed us most about Ana Delia was her honesty, design integrity, and her ability to hear what we said, as her clients. The construction was completed in seven months with no glitches: on time and on budget.

“Ana Delia’s warranty is for one year, but even after one year, she has fixed things that needed adjustment. There were never any big problems; only small things, nothing of consequence—I don’t even remember what they were! Oh, yes, after the house was built, the kitchen sink did not get enough hot water, but her plumber fixed it right away. 

“The whole house is both elegant and very comfortable. The finishes are meticulously done. I (Barbara) adore my kitchen. It’s exquisite, functional, and works as well for me as it does for caterers. I also love my study with its own private garden. We also got very good value for our project. If we sold it today (two years later), a realtor estimated that it would sell for about 40 percent more than the cost of purchasing the land and building the house.

“Ana Delia is a very professional architect who was wonderful to work with, as were her site managers and workers. We have already recommended her to five or six of our friends—and they still talk to us!”

Kim Johnson and Bryce Nimmo

“In our process to find an architect, we looked up a few online, including Ana Delia. We had a good feeling about her when we met. We found her to be very professional, and right away, she focused in on what we wanted. She took us to see some of her projects and introduced us to about five of her clients. This really helped us to make a decision because we got to see the quality of her work.

“Given that we were living in Canada at that time, we had to go through the design process rather quickly. Essentially, we told her what we wanted, and she drew up some plans. We redrew them, and there was still a bit of tweaking before the build. We then returned to Canada. 

“Ana Delia was good about keeping us up to date. The first few months we communicated long distance, and she sent us photos weekly. During the last four months Ana Delia needed us to provide input on finishes. We had a few Skype calls, for example, to provide Ana Delia with direction on the exterior cantera trim. We decided to use PVC windows, and we’re very happy we did that.

“Ana Delia’s maestros are great. When we were in town, we met at the house, and everyone was there. Her follow-up is also very good. She is very prompt in responding, even today.

“Before we decided to build, we looked at resales. We’re in our mid-50s and were retiring on a budget. We found that it was much more economical to build what you want. Our interior designer friend commented on the quality of the construction and the finishes on the walls.  She said that all the work is very good quality. If we sold today, we would make money, for sure. 

“The target date for completion of the project was mid-August. On July 9 we moved in! 

“I love all the natural light in the house, the outdoor garden, the covered terrace, and the one-story living. It’s an open and airy home. We’ve heard stories about other builders that have not been good, but we have recommended Ana Delia to our friends.” 

Bill Hendrix and Trey Corp 

“Ana Delia did houses for our friends, and we really liked them. Our realtor also recommended her. We were told that she would come in at the price that she quoted, and she did. 

“Since I (Bill) am an interior designer, Ana Delia and I worked together to get what I wanted. I worked with a lot of different contractors in the US, on probably hundreds of projects, and Ana Delia stood out. She was very professional, very good to work with. It was a very good experience.

“The ceilings in our living room and dining room get a lot of compliments from our friends. They are two intersecting arches, made of concrete and brick, one of my favorite architectural concepts. You don’t see these in the US.

“There were very few issues that came up, but when an issue arose, Ana Delia jumped right on it. I was really impressed. The quality is there.  Ana Delia has a good working knowledge of the building process, and she gets it done. We have recommended her to our friends.”

Claudine Langan and Chuck Rubin 

“Since I work in real estate (Claudine), I already know who the good architects are, and Ana Delia is among them. We spoke with some of her past clients, and they told us that her projects are on time and on budget. She finished our house two weeks early. 
“We were very impressed that Ana Delia had been working with her maestro for more than 20 years. She has a lot of respect for her crew, and they respect her.  Ana Delia is excellent about getting materials delivered on time. We never saw guys standing around because they didn’t have the materials to continue the job. For people who have never built in Mexico, it can be really challenging. But working with Ana Delia gives you the confidence to move forward with the project.

“Before the contract was signed, Ana Delia provided a 24-page budget, which did not deviate much. She gave us the whole kit and caboodle before she got the job. This was really impressive to us.
“After the house was built and she had our money, Ana Delia continued to be absolutely outstanding and very responsive to any requests we had for any re-tweaking. She not only responded quickly to our requests, but also fixed any issues very quickly that might have come up. Ana Delia is very classy and very professional.

“There was no question about the value we got from our project. Ana Delia is a great person and a talented architect. Her knowledge of the building process is incredible. The house is truly beautiful and the workmanship second to none. Our house is so light and bright. It turned out just the way we wanted it, and we enjoy being in each and every room.”

Naomi and Ali Zerriffi

“Ana Delia was recommended by a real estate agent friend—who had done her research very carefully—so we trusted her opinion. We gave Ana Delia our wish list, and she visited our lot with us. Two days later she showed us a floor plan, which we liked very much. 

“Ana Delia has high standards, and her workmanship is well done. We have high quality materials in our house, such as travertine floors, granite countertops in the kitchen, and beautiful custom-wood cabinetry. After the house was completed, we had a young man do work for us—some heavy metal chandeliers—and he was surprised at the quality of the construction of our home. 

“We would definitely recommend Ana Delia to our friends. She is so easy to work with—no big ego. We thought her price was very reasonable; her value ratio was excellent. Ana Delia listens carefully to her clients and resolves issues immediately. When something comes up, she’s on the phone, and it’s taken care of, both during the build and once the house is built. Ana Delia really follows up on her guarantee! 

“Best of all, Ana Delia was on time and on budget. Her target date to finish our home was April 27. The house was done April 25. The house was then cleaned, and we moved in April 29.  This is practically unheard of in this town. Working with Ana Delia was a great experience, and we will remain friends.”

John Schwoebel Testimonial

“We had purchased our home in 2005, but it was claustrophobic and had no view. We wanted a rooftop terrace. We first met with another architect, but did not like the design he provided. 

“We admired a terrace in the neighborhood, three doors down from our loggia. It was in line with what we wanted. The owners of this house had used Ana Delia, and they raved about her. We called her and hired her on the spot. 

“I’m a graphic designer, and we had built several houses, so we knew what we wanted. We worked together to come up with a design everyone liked. We were among the first of Ana Delia’s clients after she went out on her own. 

“After we did the rooftop terrace, we decided that the kitchen was too small, so we moved it to an outdoor area and made the old kitchen into a master bath. Then in 2013 Ana Delia remodeled a guest bath as well as an outdoor sala with a pantry, wine cooler, cabinetry, and fireplace. The project was beyond our expectations. 

“We love our stone master shower. It’s beautiful. We also love the marble tub in the guest bath. When Ana Delia remodeled the loggia, she put in a Rumford fireplace, which requires only two feet of depth. She never did this before, and it turned out excellent. 

“We had wanted an iron railing on our rooftop terrace, but Ana did not like that idea because it would not have done justice to our colonial home. She said the terrace demanded a cantera balustrade, and she was right!

“Ana Delia was excellent to work with, very easy and very personable. She knows what’s she’s doing. She knows what needs to be done. And, her workers are artists; they know what to do, too.

“There were no major issues during the project. Everything went smoothly. We lived in the house when the work was being done. Her people were very respectful. We’re a gay couple, so Ana Delia spoke with her workers ahead of time to explain that regardless of their personal views, they needed to show respect. Today, Ana Delia is my best friend, and I am also friends with some of her crew. 

“We got very good value for our investment, especially compared to what it would have cost in the U.S. Our home is on the market now, and we are hoping that Ana Delia will build our next house.

“We have recommended Ana Delia to our friends. She’s the best architect in San Miguel de Allende.” 

Jack Whitlock

''Working with Ana Delia on the remodelling of our home was a great experience. She's a very talented architect, and along with her crew of professional craftsman and artisans, our project turned out better than expected.''

Alexandro and Silvia Hernandez

"When a dream becomes a project begins with words that cause great emotion and joy, a mysterious force makes it volume and shape. Thanks to her talent this was possible. "


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